After working closely with GXDS for the last year we have been very excited to listen to this EP! Two of the three songs on the record are in the form of live acoustic sessions on our channel. It was brilliant to hear produced versions of these songs. I don't normally talk about record artwork but I feel this needs a particular mention. It's beautiful, simple and intricate. The pastel colours, clean brushed font and mannequin-esque figures show a clean professional edge; I'm sold from the get go!
Starting the EP with 'War In Our Love', delicate strings and radiant harmonies from Rachel blend perfectly with Mark's haunting voice. 'Tides', the second track, has to be my favourite song on the EP! Joe's guitar is so defiant in this song, the picking throughout is graceful and elegant. This is also the first time I have heard strings and vocal harmonies in this song, it really gives it a fuller sound. The last track on the EP is 'Alligator' and it really lives up to its name. Snappy and fast, Mark spells out the word in the bridge.
I'm sold, where's that repeat button.

You can see more of GXDS on YouTube HERE!!!