Ok guys don't panic, we had a slight delay but the awaited third EP has landed and ohh boy it's everything we expected. Listening through the record you can hear the hard work and dedication Jacob has put into this EP. It's a very chilled listen and its easy to relate. You feel that every pick of every string, every note and the lyrics hold deep emotion; the power of this record is phenomenal.

The opening song to the EP 'Wilderness' is kept stripped back and open. The rawness within Jacob's voice powers above the lonely picking of the guitar. This is an unguarded track, all his emotions are laid out.

The charming bells in the song 'Calling' really add a new dynamic to Jacob's sound, something we haven't heard from him yet. His voice sounds very vulnerable throughout the opening of the song.

Third track of the record 'Nightmares' is melancholic, the lyrics provoking a vague lonely feeling.  You become lost within your own thoughts, a limbo between whats reality or not. ("Prime example of a broken man, with a broken heart."). 

The Record ends with 'All I could be', my favourite song of the record. The sound of the seagulls brings me back to my childhood growing up in the South West. This track ends with a small 'easter egg'! Have a listen...

2016 is up for grabs, and Jacob Riddall has it in his sight.